Saturday, September 15, 2007


OMGGG how could I forget to mention this! So my good friend and party partner in crime, the fabulous Alanna and I are taking a trip to New York at the end of the semester. Dec.14,2007!
My birthday is the 12th, and her's is the 3rd. So were celebrating our birthdays and passing our college finals with a trip to New York. That Friday that we arrive though were going to New Jersey to go see the NJ NETS vs. Cavaliers game. Well, maybe I should tell you now, I am a HUGE sports fan. My major is actually Sports Journalism and Communications. Anyway, were going to see the game. The Nets are my FAVORITE team and my FAVORITE PLAYER happens to be the oh so sexy and talented VINCE CARTER. (see below)
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This man has been the object of my affection since he won Rookie of The Year in 1999. He's just an overall amazing player and I love him. I'll marry him in a heartbeat. fuck that i'll bathe in his sweat =D Well yea... Hopefully I can meet him after the game ;)

I Lost My Virginity,

Ahh!! I'm so excited! My very first blog. I got this idea from my friend Courtney. She says I talk alot and that I should make a blog so others can read what I have to say. You'll probably hate it, but atleast your reading it. Anyway Tonight I plan on going out to Mansion. (hot nightclub in miami) Google it bitch. And get my party on =D I went out last night with Chelsea and JD to Suite (google it!) AND OMG, did I look good. I just bought this beautiful Dolce & Gabbana blouse (see below)
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I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments i got for this blouse. I purchased it at D&G at the Bal Harbor Shops. But if you dont live near a D&G, you can get it at =) Domenico Dolce and Stephano Gabbana...Make me one happy fabulous bitch.

Moving on, it's Saturday and as usual I'm a tad bit hungover, but whatever I've been here all day laying in bed watching movies saving all my energy for tonight.
I watched The Departed.
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That is one hell of a movie. No seriously, like Jack Nicholson never fails to amaze me, he's a great actor. And those 2 pieces of hot man-candy Matt Damon & Leonardo DiCaprio!.... I never really looked at Leo in that way, I dont know what it is about that whole Titanic thing that just makes me think of a little boy, but whatever he's grown and sexy in this movie. oh and WHY THE FUCK DOES LEO ALWAYS DIE IN ALL HIS MOVIES? the only movie of his I have seen that he hasnt died in is Catch Me If You Can. Whatever at least he gets movie roles. Now Matt Damon.. I never cared of him until I saw the Bourne Identity. His Bourne Triology is one of the best I have ever seen. Not dull at all like most..cough...matrix..cough. Okay well i'll be back later!